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Do bannister rails only come in galvanized steel?

No, we can powder coat in a wide range of colours for our metal bannister rails and modular Grab Rails.

Do fixed length grab rails have to be brushed steel?

No, our fixed length grab rails can either be brushed or polished (chrome look) stainless steel or they can be powder coated aluminium in either (almond ivory/beige or white).

Do we do private jobs outside of the DVA RAP program?

Yes we do, we can arrange a quote for your NDIS, care package or private projects.

Can I use my shower after non slip-treatment?

Yes you can if its tile grip as there is no drying time being an etching acid, non slip tape is also ready for use after install.

Will the non-slip treatment change the tile colour?

No, it won’t change the colour but it will change the finish from a gloss to a matt finish.

How long does it last?

If cared for properly it should last up to 2 years before re-application.

Will non-slip tape stick to timber?

Only if it is a clean and smooth surface, if it is mouldy or rotten it will just lift off.

Do I need an existing light to have a sensor light?

For DVA Requests YES as they dont allow for wiring or switching.
For NDIS, Care Package or Private quotes No, our electricians can run new cables and independently switch sensor lights from other light switches in the house.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

I Can Issue An Invoice At The Time Of Install Or Via Email For A Funds Transfer From Your Bank Account. I Have A Card Tap Or Insert Device Available Also. Payment By Cheque Will Incur A Processing Fee.

What Is The Difference Between A Fixed Length And Modular Grab Rail?

A Fixed Length Grab Rail is a single piece end bent rail with cover plates for concealed fixing. lenthgs are 300mm, 450mm, 600m, 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm.
Modular Grab Rails Are 3 piece rails - 2 bent end brackets that insert into a set legth of 32mm round tube rail. these set lengths of tube are 1000mm, 1500m, 2000mm, 3000mm. The tube lengths can be cut on site to suit stud locations for wall bracket fixings.

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